Comenius regio

Comenius regio – connection between schools, muncipality and outdoor education facilities

This project will start 2011 and continue until 2013.

Purpose of the project

• To establish nature- and water days as a part of the curriculum of primary schools in the two partner regions.

• To inspire teachers in outdoor pedagogic, how nature can be used in different subjects.

• Raise interest for ecology, biodiversity and natural sciences.

Who are we?

• 2 teachers from Tallin

• 2 teachers from Svanberga school (year 4-6 and 7-9) – Norrtälje

• 2 teachers from Montessori – Norrtälje (year 7-9)

• 2 administrators from Tallinn muncipality

• 2 administrators from Norrtälje muncipality

• 2 outdoor educators from Nõmme Nature House -Tallinn

• 2 outdoor educators from Färsna Farm – Norrtälje

• 2 outdoor educators from Erken Laboratory-Norrtälje

Total: 16 participants – the seminar group!

The project including workshops, seminars and discussions in both countries. Except the seminar group many teachers will be invited to the workshops and seminars.

What we hope for

If the project succeeds – all schools in the two regions will be able to access the outdoor education facilities and have activities that are well integrated with the schools curricula and course plan.

Please, contact Anna Westerlund at Norrtälje naturvårdsstiftelse if You have questions about the project.

Comenius regio